The Pet Friendly Nature of Ice B’Gone Magic.

Why is IBG Magic Salt pet friendly?
There are three big reasons why IBG Magic Salt is pet friendly. First, it is organically based with a low corrosive nature. Less corrosive means that it is less irritating to our skin and the paws of our pets. Second, it gives off less heat than other deicers, which is another irritant on the paws and interdigital areas of the paw. Third, IBG Magic Salt is very efficient; it takes half as much to produce the same desired effects of regular salt. The less you use the better it is for your pet.

Where does IBG Magic Salt come from?
IBG Magic Salt is made using a patented biodegradable liquid called IBG Magic Liquid. This sweet smelling liquid is made from discarded plant product used in making liquor (Distillers Condensed Soluables). That’s right, IBG Magic Salt is made from the same stuff Vodka is made from, the only thing is, and it doesn’t contain alcohol like Vodka does.

Does the sweet smelling Magic-0 attract animals and insects?
No, IBG Magic Salt and IBG Magic Liquid may smell sweet but they both have a very bitter/sour taste, which is highly unpalatable.

Are there any long-term effects?
There no known long-term affects seen when you consider two things. First, by applying IBG Magic Salt correctly you are going to use almost 50% less than regular salt because it is so much more effective, this essentially reduces the potential for harmful effects by 50% or more. Second, IBG Magic Salt becomes inactive in the presence of water and becomes active in the presence of snow and ice. Most deicers are active all the time; this is where their destructive effects are more pronounced.

What are the other benefits of IBG Magic Salt?
When applied correctly (that is to say, not over-applied), IBG Magic Salt will melt snow and ice in temperatures down to –35 degrees, preventing black ice formation on cold days and nights. Not only is it safe around Pets but also around landscaping, hardscaping, asphalt and concrete.

Does it have a residual effect?
Yes! The IBG Magic Salt in solid granular form dissolves into a liquid brine which has a higher viscosity than water. This brine melts snow and ice. This brine has a stronger staying power on the ground than conventional deicers and continues to work long after other deicers have given up.