What is Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid™?

IBG Magic Liquid saves money, time and labor. This patented formula may be applied to your salt to transform your regular salt into IBG Magic Salt. IBG Magic Liquid can be sprayed onto regular rock salt, transforming it into IBG Magic Salt, a highly effective ice melting product. By applying IBG Magic Liquid directly onto paved surfaces prior to a storm event, ice and snow will not bond, black ice is eliminated, will not rust vehicles, and slip and falls are reduced.
IBG Magic Liquid is a highly effective liquid de-icing agent made from a patented blend of magnesium chloride combined with an agricultural by-product of the distilling process (i.e. grain and/or sugar based) and is protected under U.S. patent #4,676,918. No other liquid ice melter can make this claim.

IBG Magic Liquid is non-toxic, biodegradable and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water. IBG Magic Liquid can be applied directly to paved surfaces in advance of a winter storm, or can be sprayed onto regular rock salt, transforming it into IBG Magic Salt, a highly effective ice melting product

Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid Application Methods?

IBG Magic Liquid is used extensively on the New York State Thruway system and the Garden State Parkway (New Jersey) as an anti-icing agent. IBG Magic Liquid is applied using a spray tank system with a spray bar. There are two types of spray patterns, which are used, depending on traffic flow and desired effect. When correctly applied prior to the snow or ice storm event, IBG Magic Liquid prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement. Plowing removes all packed snow and ice. Black ice cannot form, as long as there is no major run off. IBG Magic Liquid will not harm vehicles or any type of pavement and is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods and materials. These significant benefits must be considered only in terms of the commitment to training crews, use of precise temperature monitoring equipment, and careful application. The tank/spray system easily converts from anti-icing to de-icing.

Ordinary rock salt is transformed when treated with IBG Magic Liquid. Hard pack and bonded ice are quickly eliminated from paved surfaces. Even though rock salt eventually dissolves in the melting process, the IBG Magic Liquid remains in the pavement surface and will prevent black ice from forming. This will continue until it is diluted by run-off or precipitation. The treatment process is accomplished by pre-treating stockpiles of rock salt.
•Application Rates: 6-8 gallons/ton for all rock salt.
•General Procedures: We bring our tank and spray unit to your stockpile. You will provide a loader and operator to turn the stockpile as the Magic Minus Zero is being applied. This is required to ensure uniform treatment of the entire stockpile.
•Application Time: Estimated 30 minutes for a 25 ton pile (typical tri-axle truckload), start to finish.

IBG Magic Liquid is an effective on-board pre-wetting agent for rock salt. It is safer on concrete than traditional Ice Melters, and reduces damage to curbside grassed areas or plants, and continues to melt ice to below -35F.
•Application Rates: Varies depending on your system and requires some experimentation to properly monitor applications.
•General Procedures: Magic Minus Zero can be used in any on-board system. However, because of its viscosity, all filters and screens must be removed from your system; otherwise clogging may occur. It is completely safe to handle and unlike typical on-board liquid chemicals, it will not corrode or degrade mechanical or electrical components on your vehicle or equipment.
•Can be used in place of diesel for pre-wetting prior to asphalt transportation.

Dust Control
Show arena managers and performers have always grappled with dust control in arenas. A multitude of issues makes most dust control applications ineffective: too expensive, too much product required, short lived results, freezing, toxic to animals, corrosive to arena, etc… IBG Magic Liquid address all of these issues cost effectively.
•Application Rate: 1 gallon covers 45 square feet.
•Magic minus zero weighs 11 lbs per gallon, that is 37.5% more than water.
•Environmentally friendly
•Animal and Pet friendly
•Non toxic
•Non corrosive
•Does not promote rust
•Does not freeze to -35°F
•Long residual effect (One application per month is usually more than adequate for late Fall and early Spring)

Liquid Ballast
Contractors have used many forms of ballasts to add weight to tires to gain traction and maximize the pushing power of heavy snow moving machinery like loaders. Liquid ballast work great but have many shortcomings. They freeze too quickly, they are too light, they are too corrosive, too toxic to work with or simply too costly. IBG Magic Liquid addresses all of these concerns effectively.
•Application Rate: Depends on manufacturer recommendation. Consult an automotive professional.
•Water is 8 lbs per gallon. Magic minus zero is 11 lbs per gallon. That is a 37.5% increase in weight.
•Environmentally friendly
•Non toxic
•Non corrosive
•Eats rust
•Does not freeze to -35°F